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Why I am doing this

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Looping with max

I love live looping as a building block for music. But my frustration with existing loopers (hardware or software) is hitting a threshold.

They are all pushing me into basics functions as record and overdub to build layers of sound that reminds me of multi-track recorder and goes nowhere I want to go.

Even my trusty echoplex with its nice sustain option shows its limits and make me dependent of its architecture, well thought but not mine.

So I have decided to give the computer a role, as a looper with the help of Max. Thinking of it like a looper that gives me a few option but the ones I’m after and which the ultimate mobile setup.

I have just finished my first really personal audio application, homemade from scratch in max, consisting of 2 nice buffers with multiply on the fly function and infinite speed change and an MLR-like interface with a few post FX synchronized to the beat.

It is ultimately a tool to improvise. I already gigged with this, and even if it’s still a bit buggy I’m really happy with the result (bugs are happy accidents, aren’t they ?).

I have ended up with something 100% made by myself and that works as I dreamt it would. I can embrace the DJ Culture, the practice of extracting sound, detaching it from its source or origin via a computer that is the only device that allow me to do this.

I’ve been learning Max for a few years now. I’ve learnt how to interface with the sofstep and the launchpad but i’ve learnt more than pure computing skills. Now I know more about music analysing what I really wants, what I can really code and what matters in terms of interface in a live looping tool.

There is something really beautiful in making your own thing.

Blending electronic and rock influence, objet musical activities are centered around guitar playing, live looping and weird home-built sequencers.

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