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max4live devices

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max4live devices

Ring Delay

Ring Delay is a max4live device that offers an unorthodox mix of delay and ring modulator to achieve new sonic capabilities in a very simple setup.

It is a ring modulator that uses input signal and a delayed version of this input signal as inputs. It’s a delay with a few new tricks :

  • if the sound stops, the delay stops immediately which means everything stays in sync even for odd delay time
  • nice robotics sub frequencies appear that fatten your sound
  • it’s very efficient at mashup rhythm

This video shows a few examples of how to use it and how it sounds.

Ring Delay max4live Demo from objet on Vimeo.

You can download it right now for free : click here.

Blending electronic and rock influence, objet musical activities are centered around guitar playing, live looping and weird home-built sequencers.

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