Operator One

Made with OP-1

I made an album entirely within the OP-1. From sound and samples to sequencer to tape to vinyl.

It’s like a proof of concept : the op-1 is a great machine pushing the boundaries of synthesizers to become a creativity stimulator. It doesn’t force you to work in a certain way (like many other electronic gear and software). Instead if gives you a set of tools that you have to explore and work with.

Every sound from theses tracks come from the op-1 internal synths along with samples of traditional instrument recorded with the onboard mic and some obscure tahitian FM radio programs.

It wasn’t mixed or mastered outside of the tiny box. From the album each track was just copied to a hard drive and send over to the internet.

Removing all this production steps make me fell free and keep me excited. I really like those tracks and hope you’ll share some love for them.

The OP-1 is the tiny synthesizer made by good people at teenage engineering