in c

Emblematic piece of the composer Terry Riley and founder of the minimalist music, In C, composed in 1964, breaks with the contemporary music of the post-war period by its repetitive style, its simplicity - 53 patterns written on a single page - and its absence of precise directives for its interpretation. In its wake, the music of Steve Reich and Philip Glass, to name but a few, would develop.

53 years later, F. Antoine (aka objet) returns to this composition with the point of view of a live-looper musician and a wager: these 53 patterns usually played by ensembles of 15 to 35 musicians can be played alone through a real-time recording system capable of replaying loops ad infinitum while maintaining perfect synchronization between them.

In C then becomes the emblematic piece of this art of looping in real time of which Terry Riley can be seen as the founder.

A single guitarist surrounded by six amplifiers creates this bewitching piece, each performance of which differs from the previous one and whose polyrhythmic and hypnotic content invites to trance.

.composed by terry riley. one performer. one guitar. six amps. synchronized live loopers. one take. no overdub.